Decorating Rates

We offer a variety of decorating services for homeowners who want to improve the marketability of a property or just improve the overall design of a home. At 37th & Cast, you'll

have the opportunity to work with lead IDDP Decorator Danielle Madole to translate your style, vision, and budget into a property worthy of attention. We specialize in Contemporary Eclectic, Coastal, Mid-Century, and Traditional/Transitional styles.

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Decorating Services

"Sell your house" Property Consultation


You 'd like to sell your home, but need to make the most of the space to maximize your listing potential. One of our expert IDDP-Certified Decorators will meet you at your property to discuss simple ways to help declutter and redesign. You’ll learn a few key changes like updating color, lighting and how space planning can increase perceived room size and improve the home's overall appeal.

Homeowner Consultation


A one-hour meeting with one of our IDDP-Certified Decorators to discuss your home decorating project. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss property challenges, your personal vision, and discuss initial design ideas necessary to bring your ideas to life.

Initial Style Board 


You’ve consulted with one of our IDDP-Certified Designers and are ready to bring your vision to life. We’ll create a style board with photos containing overall color suggestions, and space planning recommendations. (Limited to three rooms and does not include a shopping list)

Shopping List

$100.00 per hour

Once you have your style board, we’ll research all of the items needed to transform your space and provide you with a custom shopping list. You also have the option of hiring us to do your shopping and have your items delivered to your property.

Onsite Decorating

$150.00 per hour

One of our IDDP-Certified Decorating staff works with you on location to help oversee and execute your property’s style evolution. We’ll supervise vendors, confirm furniture placement and accessories, maximize flow, hang art, assess additional needs and craft the room to reflect your new vision. (Does not include additional material cost, paint or hardware)

We can be reached Monday through Saturday from 9 - 5:00 to answer

any questions you have. Or you can also email us at the info below. 



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